€ 55,00



The dishes are designed by Chef Giovanni Traversone
Made with the collaboration of :
Flavio Guenza, Alessio Laudicina, Federico Calvi, Li Ziwei, Roberto Ferraresi, Edoardo Ferri, and Sameh Maweid


First courses

The meat and fish


The price of dishes off the menu may vary*
Fish may be subjected to low temperatures
to guarantee freshness and compliance with hygiene regulations.

Vegetables and Cheese

Desserts € 9

Dessert wines available by the glass

Cap service €20.00 per bottle


Working Lunch May 17


Full breakfast € 22.00 includes:

appetizer, a first course and a dessert
a first and a second
an appetizer and a main course

Bread included

Microfiltered water € 2.00

Lauretana Water € 3.50

Coffee € 2.00

Our suppliers

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