Our story

Milan, 1928. The Trattoria del Nuovo Macello is born. In November 1959, our family’s history in this restaurant begins. Steaming plates of trippa (tripe) and cassoeula roll out of Nonna Maddalena’s kitchens and are conveyed by the safe hands of Nonno Giovanni to the tables crowded with workers from the new slaughterhouse, just opened right opposite the Trattoria.


This is the start of our story, in the heart of the Milanese culinary tradition and the warmth of the sincere welcome of simple people who love their work, like our grandparents and our parents after them. Today, many things have changed, although perhaps not so many after all.


We still have the old radio and enamelled jugs in our Trattoria, along with the spirit with which we do our work: we prepare honest food that originates in a careful selection of raw ingredients and the desire to express the essence of Italian cuisine with creativity and passion.


We hope to welcome you to our restaurant and let the flavours of our menu speak for us.


Claudio, Paola, Marco e Giovanni






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